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MM with US Delegates at the Power Africa conference.

New partnerships between U.S. and South African organizations were recognized during a signing ceremony at the Powering South Africa Conference.




 MM Mrs. H.T Scheepers, distributes bikes, Sponsored by ACWA Power, to General Workers(Water Operators) to assist them in their daily task.



MM with the US Delegates  at the Bokpoort Solar Plant.








Solor Powered Car in the Kheis Municipal district.

solar car -19 junie 2015 -

The Community of Duineveld in the Kheis Municipal district waiting  patiently  for the arrival of the sun solar powered car.


solar car 4- 19 junie 2015

The Mayor  Mr . P Vries ,  Municipal Manager  Mrs. T Scheepers  and the Representative of the Department of Energy  with sun powered car in the back round. 



solar car -19 Junie 2015

The Mayor  Mr P. Vries with members of the Kheis Community waiting on the  Sun powered car.



solar car 2- 19 junie 2015

Members of the community inspecting and admire  the car witch is powered by sun energy.

Solar cars depend on a solar array that uses photovoltaic cells (PV cells) to convert sunlight into electricity. Unlike solar thermal energy which converts solar energy to heat for either household purposes, industrial purposes or to be converted to electricity, PV cells directly convert sunlight into electricity.[1] When sunlight (photons) strike PV cells, they excite electrons and allow them to flow, creating an electric current. PV cells are made of semiconductor materials such as silicon and alloys of indium, gallium and nitrogen.